17. Kolloquium der IALS (Intern. Association for Ladakh Studies)

Der Termin wurde nun fixiert: Sonntag, 26. Juli bis Donnerstag 29. Juli 2015 in Kargil, Ladakh

Weitere Infos nun auf English (die Vortragssprache):

In accordance with IALS tradition, the conference will be interdisciplinary in character, and we welcome proposals that cover the following topics:

  • Political and religious history
  • Art, architecture and conservation
  • Development and social change
  • Climate change and the natural environment
  • Health

The deadline for abstracts is Tuesday, 31st March 2015. Abstracts should be no more than 400 words. Details of where to send your abstracts will be included in the paper call.

Whilst the geographical scope of the conference will include all parts of Ladakh. We particularly encourage proposals for papers relating to Kargil and the surrounding district. For more details, please go to www.ladakhstudies.org/conferences.html.

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